When we first visited Maria’s grave, we saw lying there a small piece of slate with these words inscribed: “It’s boring here…”.

Intrigued, we searched for the phrase in her poems and found it here:


It’s boring here without you. Boring as hell!

I’m still with my squirrel, and my lapdog too,  

I write, I read and smoke, my eyes are still blue,

But this is all momentum rolling downhill.


The dawn is still grey, the dusk blue and gold,

The day rises here, the night falls over there

And habitually rose petals unfold:

So used to it, they don’t really care.


Yet the world ended. Can’t you all get it into your head?

The world is gone and I won’t recreate it.

Time is still and quiet. Perhaps I … but wait -

Perhaps I am already in the world of the dead?


Tomorrow we are going to join the Manchester Polish Poetry Festival, called “Sharing the Joy of Writing”, organised by Manchester Metropolitan University and the British Council, where we’ll be celebrating MP-J with a tour of the Southern Cemetery, where she is buried.